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fencing and gates

By: mwgraves | July 26, 2016

Greg came out in a snow storm to measure my gates and fencing, the quote was detailed with a drawing and gave me several options of styles of fencing. Later Jeff called me and booked the job, Joe was amazing on installing the gates, fencing and programing the remotes.

Now I know why the Company is called Amazing Gates. Great customer service


Amazing Gates of Canada

103 Mount St. Louis Rd W Coldwater, ON

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Horrible Experience

By: nikkocat | July 21, 2016

We contracted with this company to replace fencing around our property on May 16th, 2016 (actually, the first visit by the rep was March 26th - quotation # 107248). Residential Contract # R-16968. We were told the work would commence in three weeks, and be done quickly. We told the sales rep, that the sooner it was done, the better as we needed the property fenced in as we have a dog, and our property backs onto a park, as well, the south side of our property is right next to a public walkway to the park. Work commenced on June 14th, 2016.

We had hopes that this project would be quick and done well as we knew the company had been around for years, and had done many projects in the area - including our original fence installation - approx. 35 years ago!

Sadly, this was not been the case. The installation "crew", consisted of three gentlemen the first couple of days. An older gentleman that apparently has been doing fencing for 30 years, and the other two...


Roma Fence

24 Cadetta Road Brampton, ON

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Good Service

By: ethanbrownusa | July 19, 2016

The standard portable toilet unit is the perfect solution for any casual outdoor event. It is comfortably sized and will leave the location looking clean and smelling fresh. I was pleased to find that each unit can be delivered to your doorstep and also comes equipped with its own high quality toilet paper

Event Factory Rentals

2650 El Camino Real Atascadero, CA

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